About Us

Pistolero is worldwide-trends, production quality and technology inspired.

A team of young and talented artists armed with the unique sense of style, with emphasis on the unusual design, form and prints. The freedom of choosing the style, color and applications stands Pistolero from cliches and makes it recognizable. We are characterized by our uniqueness, innovation and high-quality products.

T-shirts are made out of carefully selected materials and high quality print via water-based, environment  friendly inks.
Our product is 100% ours! Drawing, printing, sewing, procurement and import of materials, Pistolero is all that !

Since the very beginning we avoided PVC plastisol printing inks as we are proudly practicing environmental friendly screen-printing using only water-based inks. We're revolted with layered, non-organic print which is present everywhere around , Pistolero is determined to show you how the print on a T-shirt should actually look like.
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